On Friday, the Dorset Echo reported how

Dorset has among the highest council tax in the country

. Here's what readers had to say....

  • Westminster Council makes a fortune from car parking, its share of the business rates and so on. That's why its council tax is so low. Incidentally, a significant number of people in the borough don't earn high wages. It's no accident that Westminster North has a Labour MP. Rocksalt
  • At one time or another West Dorset have used their assets to build unnecessary council offices , Which hardly anyone, except the councillors wanted , Invested money abroad ( Lost at the time of the Banking collapse ) and have been looking in to selling the market car park, In most peoples world that is gross stupidity , When ordinary people have to make their money last and budget sensibly , The people that run the council should do the same and STOP wasting our money , Still now we have a Bigger council All will be better or will it, Time will tell and if they don't waste all our money we might even get a rebate next year SnappyHare
  • The new WDDC Offices saved money as less staff had to be employed and had they remained in the old offices a large sum would have had to be spent on new heating system windows, disabled access and lifts etc in a listed building. Moreover the new HQ allowed three Councils to merge saving more money and the new building is cheaper to run. Do you honestly believe the project was not thoroughly costed by Officers to ensure it was the cheapest option? Jgriffin80
  • Caused by Government cuts yet again. This is what happens when you vote the Torries in, and haven't they done a fantastic job since being voted in,,, police cuts, NHS cuts, benefits cut's, schools struggling to make ends meet, millions of children living below the poverty level in this country. The rich stay rich and the poor must tighten their belts. Auto12