During the night 27th/28th I was awoken by a “ boom truck” and flashing lights, upon looking out of the window the sight that greeted me was a worker doing what appeared to be cleaning the shade from the street light, the first question that pops into my mind who’s paying for this, overtime at 1.16am if the council is trying to use up money before the unitary body takes over I’m sure there are more worthy causes!

Whilst a smartening up of the shopping area, with the seating and new signage making Dorchester more shopper friendly may be a way to encourage visitors to the town, I would have thought cheaper parking would be more of an incentative and whilst we are told that an EU grant was obtained for the signage, money would have had to have been added by the council as I don’t think they are exempt from these stipulations

We were told wrongly that the new unitary authority would save the councils money, another misnomer as it’s costing millions and that’s without the redundancy’s added to that sum. Whatever the cost is to date, this will be nothing to what the cost to the town and West Dorset will be with councillors now voting on proposals for the town, an area they know nothing about.

We have the joys of elections soon, councillors all juggling for a seat on the different councils, reminding us to the run up of these elections how wonderful they are and what has been done, all claiming to have achieved miracles, all I see is public waste! Bad decisions that others are blamed for, we still have a shortage of affordable housing, we still have the homeless, and we are still selling off public assets so the new unitary body doesn’t get their hands on them but in doing this-bad decisions are made

Heather Robinson,

Bridport Road, Dorchester