IT’S A pity that your correspondent Roger Sarginson (letters,Tues 26/3) has decided to vote with his feet and move to France because he won’t escape the clutches of the EU by moving there.

Most educated people will have read George Orwell’s book 1984 and that ultimately is what the EU has in store for all of its member countries, one vast totalitarian state rigidly controlled by the “Inner Party”, namely the EU Parliament, who are supported by the “Outer Party”, who will presumably be the Governments of all of the countries involved, and the rest of us, the Proletariat, heavily subjugated by ever increasing amounts of legislation all strictly enforced.

The EU have admitted themselves that had we voted to remain in the EU they were poised to bombard us with an avalanche of new rules and regulations.

It’s all such a shame because the EU could have been so good for this country had they behaved themselves, instead of which they have just exploited us and used the country as a cash cow!

All of these MPs, and ex-MPs, who are so keen to remain in the EU are presumably hoping to secure vastly overpaid jobs within the EU State and our own MP, Letwin, being no exception! (He has a bent for money and thought that the white elephant that West Dorset District Council built for themselves in South Walks was “money well spent”: what a joke!)

Niall Simpson

James Road