A MAN and his dog from Portland who won a top prize at the UK’s biggest dog show will go on to represent the country overseas.

This year Crufts was held on March 7-10 at the NEC in Birmingham.

Stuart Breckell and his three-year-old dog Oscar won the Best Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the Kennel Club’s Challenge Certificate.

The Challenge Certificate is presented to the best male and female dogs of each breed.

Mr Breckell said Oscar could hardly contain his excitement when he realised he won, and jumped into his owner’s arms.

He said: “He was the best out of around 200 males from England and Europe. I am very proud of the boy, he’s done me good.

“He practically jumped into my arms when we won. There was a lot of support around the ring. Everyone gave all the Staffies praise and applause. It’s a very close-knit community. You get one or two people who can get a bit jealous, but I would say the majority of people are really great.

“All the dogs were brilliant, a well-bred Staffy is one of the best dogs you can get. But sadly, they’re a very misunderstood dog.”

Last year Oscar was named the top Staffordshire Bull Terrier in the UK and top junior in 2017.

This year the breed was judged by Colin Powell, who is a terrier specialist.

Mr Breckell said: “I think he was excited to have found a dog he really liked. Sometimes at shows there’s a lot of dogs on equal merit it comes down to personal preference, my dog must have stood out.”

Mr Breckell, who also owns Oscar's mother and sister, said his dogs are well known on Portland and he’s had a lot of reaction since returning to the island after the competition.

He said: “When I walked into my local pub they all came and shook my hand. Pubs are where I go to socialise my puppies, in the local boozers. All my dogs are well known around Fortuneswell.”

Colin Powell, who judged the category, praised Oscar in his notes. He said: “A true blend of bull and terrier, a very well-balanced dog, very good in size, make and shape, well-proportioned head small rose ears, darkest of eyes, correct bite with clean lips, good shoulder placement leading into a straight front, good top line with excellent muscular thighs, presented in fit hard condition, moved with drive once settled earned his placing.”

Oscar’s Kennel Club name is Chiswelstaff Let’s Dance, all of Mr Breckell’s dogs are named after David Bowie songs.

Oscar and Stuart have been invited to represent the UK in an international dog show in Holland against other European countries and the USA.

Mr Breckell added that they 'can't wait.'