On Monday, the Dorset Echo reported how MP Richard Drax made a speech in the House of Commons,

calling on Theresa May to resign if she can’t deliver Brexit

. He also revealed he had voted with the Government in a controversial vote on Friday - but that he had now changed his mind over the issue. Here's what readers had to say...

  • Mr Drax you have changed your mind about the way you voted. Do you see the irony? Notyet local
  • It is all of Parliament who need to resign, they have tied democracy into knots, all parties have been acting in their own interest. Weymouthcommonsense
  • No. Tories are in charge and have the numbers with the DUP. They didn't work with or listen to anyone else, despite repeated warnings, and now can't even get the deal through with their own MPs. not the opposition's fault. Robsmith1
  • Every single member of the Conservative party should resign! The way they have handled Brexit is incompetence at its highest order, they should hang their sorry heads in shame, an election is coming and if they lose power they only have themselves to blame. Bradley red 1
  • The electorate of this country voted LEAVE nearly three years ago. ALL the MPs have been playing around with this ever since then. They should all be working for what the electorate want. If any of them should resign it should be those who are making this country a laughing stock. There should be no second referendum, otherwise what is the point of democracy? Corbyn will NOT be any better. 1955
  • Thanks to the electorate's vote in the 2017 General Election the Tories became the largest party in the House of Commons, and (by buying the DUP's support) were able to form a Government. Using your sense of logic, there should be no further General Elections, otherwise what is the point of democracy? Micky_Finn