This week, the Dorset Echo reported how residents have called for action over the anti-social behaviour of teenagers at a brand new playpark. Here's what Echo readers had to say...

  • Instead of spending thousands ripping up & grassing the redundant running track, the authorities could have simply let it be used as a bmx /scooter/skateboard track to keep the older children occupied. Far enough away from the new park as well. With all the funding cuts to youth services these children have nothing to do except find trouble. Not condoning this behaviour but they are surely no different to mods & rockers of old Muddled
  • Totally agree give them an area of their own maybe a covered seating area, and ban them from the play area. Silverback888
  • Rubbish. We never had these things when i was a teenager but we didn’t act like idiots. This is to do with the way they are dragged up with no respect. It starts at home NONICKNONICK
  • Children will always congregate and and a minority will always be disrespectful towards others same old story some are brought up to be like it there parents are much the same know doubt. A simple solution police patrol not in a car could of had them all on Saturday morning about 10.30 most smoking. Proactive policing instead we have councillors who want to talk. Children today have far more things to entertain them than we ever could afford or imagine just round them up call the parents and give them a good talking to that works for some others are destined for trouble. P j d
  • Usual nonsense about lack of facilities yet they can afford to smoke cannabis! Harbour bored