Children at Chickerell Primary Academy have been raising money for a group in Weymouth that caters for disabled people.

The pupils made an effort to help spread awareness for World Down Syndrome Day on Thursday, March 21 by turning up to school wearing odd socks.

Every single student took part in this annual tradition and so did the teachers and other staff at the school. Everyone wearing odd socks gave a small donation as well.

In total, the school managed to raise £320 for Dorset Abilities Group through this initiative. The group is based in Weymouth and provides many exciting, person centred opportunities for people with disabilities and additional needs.

Laura Board, PTA member at Chickerell Primary, said: "We thought it would be nice to try and raise awareness with the children for World Down Syndrome Day and we were amazed that we managed to raise so much money.

"Everyone had their odd socks on and then the children learn about it as well because their teachers and parents talk about what it means and why they are wearing odd socks.

"In the classes they talked about how people can be different but should be treated the same.

"We haven't had the chance to work with the Dorset Abilities Group before but we think that what they do is amazing and maybe this will lead to us doing something else in the future with them."

Luke Tomlin, manager of Dorset Abilities Group, said: "It was a very special thing for them to do because we do have some members with Down syndrome and £320 is amazing, that will help us so much.

"That will probably go towards subsidising the costs for some of our members to come with us on a trip somewhere in the summer and maybe we will even have some money left over for some new arts and crafts materials.

"We are very grateful to the school, the teachers and the parents for raising this money and raising awareness for World Down Syndrome Day."