Last week, we reported how plans for the long-awaited seafront 'superloo' have been unveiled. Here's what readers had to say...

  • Hope they are not going to equip these toilets with sharps boxes,when you see the people that use the Pier Bandstand toilet in large numbers every day,it is a disgrace,they also attract drug dealers and the alcoholics,nice for families and tourist to see. Weymouthcommonsense
  • Rip off gimmick are they, can't everyone see it's just a blatantly obvious stunt to rip off tourists. arlbergbahn
  • Not just ripping off tourists, but locals too. people walk along the seafront all year and need the toilet, they know that. all us locals know where the free toilets are though. Autismmum2
  • arlbergbahn - are you going to pay more rates to keep them free then? Or better still, volunteer to work there to keep costs down? Typical, wanting everything for nothing. All the toilets in most places I go have been chargeable for years. Commander John Koenig
  • Do you think 20p is going to make much difference to the running costs? No doubt the paid entry system will cost money to install and how much is going to cost to get an engineer out every time it's jammed? People are carrying far less cash now with most choosing card payments. In the winter you can get less than half a dozen an hour using the toilets that's £1.20!! Maybe we could get a breakdown of the business plan to make charging cost effective? If the entry system costs as little as £2000 which is doubtful it's going to need 5000 customers before it even starts contributing to running costs. Harbour Bored
  • The council have no money, they have no choice but to charge, it's called capitalism. It's probably what you voted for when you helped put Drax in parliament! Melcombe Boy
  • The council have more than enough of our money. It's about priorities. Quince two