A car park blighted by night-time noise and vandalism will be shut at night, it has been announced.

Police and council chiefs have worked together following complaints about the trouble at the short stay Fairfield car park off Weymouth Avenue in Dorchester.

This is the partly covered car park where the Duke's saleroom is situated.

The long-stay car park opposite is not affected.

Authorities state due to repeated incidents of anti-social behaviour, the short stay Fairfield will now be shut from 10.30pm onwards.

The site, which was previously open 24 hours a day, will be closed by Dorset Council from 10.30pm each night until 6am.

Dorchester Police said it has received a number of general reports of anti-social behaviour including noise nuisance involving cars and music as well as graffiti and damage to property caused by young people.

As a result, Dorchester Neighbourhood Policing Team said: "We have been working with the council in relation to reports of anti-social behaviour at the short stay car park on Weymouth Avenue.

"The council will now be locking the gates at 10.30pm every night. The Neighbourhood Policing Team will continue to patrol and monitor."

Sarah Cairns, Dorset Council’s Assistant Head of Assets and Infrastructure, said: “We have reinstated the closure of the short stay section of Fairfield car park each night from 10.30pm until 6am to improve community safety following incidents of anti-social behaviour in the car park.

“The closure was previously agreed with all relevant agencies, including the police, but following damage to the gate we had to wait for repairs to be carried out. Now the gate has been repaired we will continue to lock the car park each night.

“The long stay area of Fairfield car park will remain open and we are confident that there will be adequate capacity.”