Campaigners took to the streets as they started a 24-hour rough sleep in aid of a homelessness charity in Weymouth.

The campaign was started by 15-year-old Phulmaya Bhusal, who got in touch with the Bus Shelter Dorset through her mother who volunteered at the homelessness charity.

To raise money and awareness for the Bus Shelter, Phulamaya’s team of fundraisers decided to take part in a 24-hour rough sleep outside The Clipper in Weymouth from 10am on Thursday, April 11 until the same time the following day.

Phulmaya, who lives in Maiden Newton and goes to Beaminster School, said: “I am excited for it, we have raised so much money so far, more than £2,000, and this will help raise more money and more awareness.

“The Bus Shelter is a charity helping local rough sleepers to get their lives back on track so it’s a really good cause.

“We see homeless people all the time and people complain about them but they are just people like you and me at the end of the day.”

Natasha Hope, Phulmaya’s mother, said: “It’s going to be freezing but that is the point, we know we are laughing and joking about it now but that’s only because we know we can go home after to a cup of tea and a hot shower and a bed.

“We are going to get some food from Help for Homeless as well, who invited us along. That will give us a chance to meet rough sleepers and hear their stories.

“Today we have been really busy having lots of positive chats with people coming up to us and donating to us as well. It’s not just about the money we have raised, it’s the awareness too.

“I used to volunteer at the Bus Shelter and they mean a huge amount to me. The amount of awareness they have raised is amazing, it just opens people’s minds.

Melissa Denton joined Phulmaya on her rough sleep and was out during the day with a collection bucket. She said: “People give the homeless a bad reputation but what you need to remember is that anybody could be two pay cheques away from being on the streets.”

To donate to Phulamaya’s fundraising, go to her Just Giving page at: