Not-for-profit organisations can get a free entry into a recycling directory.

Charity Ideas2Action produces the 22-page bi-monthly Dorset Waste Partnership recycling directory called We Need That - Dorset.

Entries are welcomed from any not-for-profit organisations based or working in the Dorset Waste Partnership area.

Individuals who use the items for their own use, or to sell and donate the profits to a not-for-profit organisation are also welcome in the directory.

So if your charity would like to ask for items that people may be throwing away e.g. for your fundraising, such as mobile phones, printer ink cartridges, or service delivery such as craft items like corks or yoghurt pots, please contact Monique for more information by calling 07771 705662 or emailing

Even if your charity doesn’t need anything, you may have waste items that others are looking for so please have a look and see if you can help them.