Back in 1991, my sister cleared our father's house, it appears she had no idea on his blazer was a treasure, a gold caterpillar.

Dad had served both RAF and RCAF during WW2, and was parachuted out of a plane, hence the caterpillar. He was a Pilot with both RAF and RCAF, 429 Squadron. We were living in London at the time but I am now in New Zealand, she is in Australia. Both parents have since died but Dad died in Beaminster, Dorset where they lived at the time, and my sister cleared the house out.

Mum was put in a retirement home back in Surrey where we used to live, she died 1998. I know it's a long time, but someone would have Dad's treasure, I would love to know more about it. It's gold with ruby eyes. He kept it behind his blazer lapel, my sister never thought of looking there for anything!

Dad belonged to the RAF Yacht Club at Hamble as well as Upnor, Medway Yacht Club over the years, we used to sail over to Continent. But to find this treasure would be wonderful. His parachute is in a museum here in NZ, Classic Flyers Museum at Tauranga. From what I have found out, Dad crashed in Kent, Manston. His RCAF thought the world off him, as we met some of the crew after the war, they came to meet up with Dad. It's a long shot, but worth a search and a letter in the Dorset paper thanks! I am doing history of WW1 here in NZ and doing Dad's history. He was Flt. Lt. Gerard Francis Ridley PENTONY. Unusual surname, it's French originally.

Adele Pentony-Graham,

Clareville, New Zealand