I’d like to congratulate West Dorset MP Oliver Letwin for trying to achieve a consensus in parliament over Brexit.

It’s a pity that South Dorset MP Richard Drax takes the opposite view and seeks to promote a damaging division.

The false claims made about Brexit at the last referendum have been listed many times so I won’t repeat them here, but now that it’s clearer what Brexit would actually involve, let’s break the deadlock by holding another public vote with four realistic options on the ballot paper, covering the full range from ‘no deal’, ‘PM deal’, Common Market 2.0’ to ‘remain’. It’s important to give voters the opportunity to put their choices in order of preference, so that if their first choice turns out to be the least popular one, their second choice is taken into account - a transferable vote.

Everyone should feel that their choice had a fair chance.

Let’s move forward together.

Mike Denham