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Unless you have ignorantly stuck your head in the sand in recent times, you will recognize the conflict schools have confronted due to a lack of funding. Now, rural Dorset has been affected.

Mr T Foley, headteacher of The Thomas Hardye School, expressed his concerns in an enlightening letter released on the school website.

He revealed how class sizes are increasing; school budgets have been reduced in real terms by eight per cent, and by twenty per cent at post-sixteen.

Although these are just a few of many terrible impacts, I believe that the worst statement of his to be that often the most vulnerable students in our schools – those from disadvantaged backgrounds or those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) – are bearing the brunt of cuts and schools are struggling to provide the levels of support that they are entitled to.

This is shameful to our country. Children are the future and they must be supported to provide the best outcome.

The Thomas Hardye School contacted the Secretary of State for Education, and requested to meet twice, but was denied both times as this was not a priority.

This is ridiculous. Schools are one of the most important establishments in society and they must be supported by our government.

By James Sullivan