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Whilst her role is unenviable, Theresa May has the negotiating capacity of a brick.

Her lack of charisma, extreme awkwardness and inability to lead from the front means that May is unable to get a divided parliament behind her.

That, combined with a pitiful attempt at mimicking Blair’s ‘sofa politics’ has resulted in the current impasse and the subsequent savagery from the press and public.

Due to the opposition imitating the incompetence of the powers that be, the House is left with no alternative.

I challenge the reader to think of another viable candidate for Prime Minister and discuss why – as I’m struggling.

I think that what we are lacking is a leader like Thatcher.

Her admirers and haters are equally entitled to their opinions, however her style of leadership was as brutally efficient as it was mildly terrifying.

Thatcher earned the title of ‘Iron Lady’ for her steely will and despite some of her highly disagreeable decisions her style would be more suited to ending the Brexit deadlock.

Whilst we cannot resurrect Thatcher from the grave in person, it would be worth adopting at least some of her spirit if we ever wish to leave the EU in something more than a shambolic state.

We have been humiliated and our lacklustre leadership taken advantage of.

By Oliver Streather-Paul