AFTER years of hard work and determination, a memorial has been unveiled at the site of what was once an airfield.

At a moving gathering at the Chickerell Airfield site, off Radipole Lane, former servicemen Peter Price and Colin Pomeroy revealed a stone memorial, commemorating its place in history and the personnel who served there.

The memorial comes after a long period of planning between charity Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust (ABCT) and authorities.

Mr Price, a former RAF driver decorated for helping to liberate Holland during the Second World War, said: "After all these years it's great to see. I've always been hoping for a memorial and it's beautiful. It's nice to know it will be here for years to come."

Chickerell was an important, if rather unrecognised, airfield over many years between the First World War and the late 1950s, according to ABCT.

Aircraft based there ranged from anti-submarine patrol biplanes to early military helicopters.

The estate off Cobham Drive continues to recognise aviation pioneer Sir Alan Cobham, who mounted two of his famous 1930s aviation displays at the site.

Plans for the memorial were put forward by Kenneth Bannerman, of ABCT, after he was contacted by Mr Pomeroy.

The charity has erected dozens of similar memorial stones across at disused airfields across the UK.

Chickerell is strongly associated with nearby Battle of Britain RAF fighter airfield Warmwell, where ABCT erected a similar memorial in November 2018.

Mr Bannerman said: "Chickerell Airfield is a very enigmatic airfield, not just historically. It played a major part in winning the First World War. All the people who served here absolutely deserve this."

The charity firmly believes the airfields of Britain matter, saying: "They have helped both their country and the entire world far beyond the call of duty. Time to help them for a change."

Chickerell mayor Lynda Wise said she was pleased to see the memorial in place.

She said: "I'm pleased the airfield has been recognised," she said.