A HOSPITAL governor is celebrating 40 years since his kidney transplant by raising money for its renal unit.

Simon Bishop plans to raise as much money as possible for Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester, where he volunteers as a governor.

This will help give patients the choice to dialyse at home or at the hospital.

Mr Bishop, 63, was given a kidney transplant in February 1979 after a couple of years of dialysis.

He started dialysis in hospital, but converted to home dialysis, which he says gave him more freedom.

He explained: “When you suffer from kidney failure you are either lucky enough to be given a kidney transplant straight away, or you dialyse until then. The situation was the same as it’s today, there’s not enough organs for people who need transplants.

“Three people die every day waiting for transplants. I was very lucky to get one in the first place and that it has lasted for so long.

“I had a full-time job when I suffered from kidney failure and I had to work part time, so I could dialyse at hospital. But when I started home dialysis I could do it in the evenings, which meant I could go to work."

Mr Bishop has since named his new kidney 'Fred' and called the anniversary of his transplant 'Fred’s 40th birthday'.

Mr Bishop added: “I have had a full working life. I was aged 24 when I was given a kidney transplant.

“The unit at Dorset County Hospital wants more people to dialyse at home, it’s part of the NHS’s plan because it gives patients more freedom then having to go to the hospital two to three times a week to dialyse.

“The hospital doesn’t have that much money to spend so every little bit helps. If I can raise money for more people to dialyse at home that’s good for me and the hospital.

“Dialysis is really doing the same function as the kidneys. People spend six to eight hours a week doing it, it’s essentially an artificial kidney.”

Mr Bishop, from Poole, has already raised more than £750 on his Just Giving page and is planning his first fundraising activity.

He said: “I think it’s absolutely amazing. I am really glad people have been responding to it and I hope I can raise much more.”

If you would like to donate to Mr Bishop’s fundraiser visit justgiving.com and search 'Simon Bishop'.