EASTER is almost here and this year there are some weird and wonderful creations to choose from.

Here are seven Easter Eggs that are definitely outside of the box!

1. You can always rely on creative chocolatiers Chococo in Swanage to come up with some inspired new creations. This year it’s a Ruby Chocolate Easter Egg made with what’s described as “unique, naturally pink chocolate with a refreshing raspberry taste which has not been coloured or flavoured”. Both the cardboard and plastic elements of its egg cartons are recyclable. £18.50.

2. Protein Chocolate Mini Easter Eggs from Musclefood, are the perfect indulgent treat for the fitness fanatic or mindful eater. Made with a high quality milk chocolate for a creamy, decadent texture, boosted with whey protein isolate. A 56g bag costs just £1.99 and contains an eggcellent 15g of protein, as well as a good source of fibre.

3. To keep up with millennial demand, Waitrose have created a trio of miniature chocolate avocados. These dinky little bites come with a hard dark chocolate shell and soft milk chocolate centre. In my opinion, they’re the perfect size for tea-dunking. Waitrose baby chocolate avocados, £4 for a pack of 3.

4. Cheese fans will love this. Sainsbury’s is redefining the chocolate-filled holiday to be known as ‘Cheester’ with a spreadable cheese egg made from cheddar. Put at the centre of a cheeseboard and cue the oohs and ahhs from your guests. £5.

5. Aldi’s birdcage egg is a thing of true beauty. Carved using advanced 3D printers, a milk chocolate cage encases a dark chocolate egg, which comes with sel de Guérande salted caramel flakes and Feuilletine pieces hidden inside. It’s almost too pretty to eat. Aldi, £14.99 for 750g.

6. If you love Marmite – or know someone who does – this will be the perfect Easter egg. The divisive spread has inspired this chocolate egg with Marmite flavouring to create something very unique. Available at Asda for £3.

7. Rhythm 108, which specialises in indulgent and wholesome snacks and dessert bars, have just released its new vegan and gluten-free treat, Mini Easter Truffle Eggs, available to buy online and in Sainsbury’s stores for around £1.50 per bag. Notable organic ingredients include: raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, agave fibre, and hazelnuts.