A BEAUTY salon and a hairdresser's were damaged after being apparently targeted by suspected thieves.

On Friday, April 12 at about 11pm two businesses in Dorchester were damaged in an apparent attempted burglary.

Staff at Dorchester Aesthetics Centre on Durngate Street were shocked to turn up to work on Saturday to find the front door smashed and glass all over the floor.

Lisa Ryall, director of the business, said: "They smashed in the main door window and accessed the premises. They stole the computer, some make-up and elixirs and broke into the cash register as well. In total they probably stole about £5,000 worth with the damage as well.

"They then left, went down the road and tried to break in to Heather Hair Salon as well but they were seen by some guy across the road who came out and told them to clear off.

"Luckily everything can be replaced, the only thing I would like to say is if whoever stole the computer, could they please return my hard drive as it is the only place I have pictures of my children growing up and my family on.

"That's what has really upset me. It won't be of any use to you but it is of great sentimental value to me so just post it through the letter box."

Heather Ryan, owner of Heather Hair Salon, said: "We know he was there at about 11pm. He put his backpack down, took out a towel and used it to throw a rock at the window. Before he could break in the man across the street came out and made him go away.

"It has caused probably about £400 worth of damage but the worst thing is that the young girl who came in to work the next day and saw the door had been all smashed was obviously scared by it all.

"It has been very upsetting and unnecessary but this is the fourth time it has happened to us here. I have been here for 22 years and probably the last time was five or six years ago. Every time it happens we upgrade security and now we are thinking of getting metal gates put in."

Police were notified at 8.42am on Saturday morning to the reported break ins. They confirmed that the offenders smashed the front door to gain access and that an Amazon Alexa had also been stolen from Dorchester Aesthetics. Police say an investigation is underway.

Both businesses praised the fast work of the police in getting to the scene and helping clear the premises so that they could reopen as soon as possible.