Hi readers, it’s us Emily and William again here this week on the subject of clothing stains!

A bit of a random topic perhaps, but we are writing about this because Laura, who helps us edit this column, has unfortunately just spilt coffee on her nice cream trousers – and whizzed back to her flat (luckily close by) to fling them in the washing machine!

It got us thinking about stains on clothes. I, Emily, am quite a mucky pup and always spilling stuff, so I empathise with Laura. When I get a stain, Mum either puts it the wash with some stain remover (and hopes for the best) or if the stain is not so bad, we use the same method as William – washing up liquid.

I, William, was taught by my mother to rub washing up liquid on clothing stains and then pop in the washing machine. This works well for me and clothes almost always comes out clean. Luckily I don’t spill much on myself. The worst are baked beans, bolognaise sauce, or tomato ketchup.

What seems unfair is how I, Emily am so careful eating my food, (especially if I’m wearing a white top) so how come I still manage to spill things so often? Why is that? Perhaps I’m being too cautious or just that I’ve been born with ‘spilling genes’?!

Luckily neither of us have had any embarrassing stains, like sitting on melted chocolate and getting a brown stain on our trousers. Does anyone have any interesting stain stories to share?

One thing we find annoying is when we want to wear something special and on pulling it out of the wardrobe for the occasion, we discover it’s stained. That’s rubbish!

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