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I would like to talk about how Weymouth has changed for the worse and is not as good as it used to be when I was growing up here.

I have lived in Weymouth for my entire life and I used to love going down to the beach in the summer when I was younger, but now things have sadly changed.

Weymouth is not a nice place to walk around during the day anymore because of homeless people and people drinking alcohol in the streets.

In the summer holidays the town is full of people visiting the seaside and the atmosphere is really great but then there is also more littering and rubbish as well because tourists don't care about the town as much as the local people.

I don’t know why exactly Weymouth suddenly has these problems now but it does and I think something needs to be done because otherwise people will stop coming here for the summer and the shops in the town of Weymouth will then suffer.

This could have economic impacts as well because of this.

Hopefully someone knows what to do and something will be done to make Weymouth the town that it used to be.

By Nathan Green