VOTERS in Weymouth go to the polls on May 2 to choose who they want to represent them on the new town council.

As well as the election for the new Dorset Council, as reported, it will also see the creation of a new 29-seat council for Weymouth in 12 wards.

Weymouth Town Council will be one of the biggest town councils in the country and will operate from the former borough council offices in Commercial Road.

Its responsibilities will cover everything from events and celebrations to cemeteries, public toilets, allotments,parks and gardens and the beach and Esplanade – but almost all of the revenue generating items such as car parks, hotels will come under the larger unitary Dorset Council.

Lists of nominations, which have now closed, show high numbers of candidates in Weymouth and also those standing for other town councils – Dorchester, Bridport and Wareham, amongst others, but a poor response for some of the smaller parishes. Not all town wards are contested.

In most town council areas there will be a choice of the three main parties with a number of candidates putting themselves forward for the Green Party and UKIP. A number have declared themselves as independents, some show no affiliation on their nomination papers.

Not all of the larger towns have contests – for Blandford Forum there will only be elections in two wards. None of the candidates in either ward show any political affiliation on their nomination papers.

* Additional reporting by Amanda Hemmings

Weymouth Town Council - candidates

LITTLEMOOR: (Two seats)

Louie O’Leary (Conservative)

Mark Tewkesbury (Labour)

Ann Weaving (Labour)

Clare Williams (Conservative)

MELCOMBE REGIS: (Three seats)

Holly Bessant (Liberal Democrat)

James Farquharson (Conservative)

Seb Green (Conservative)

Zac Hill-Walsh (Labour)

Alvin Hopper (Liberal Democrat)

Paul Milkins (Conservative)

Jon Orrell (Green)

Tia Roos (Labour)

Thomas Taylor (Labour)

Ken Whatley (Independent)

Cherie Whitby (Independent)

PRESTON: (Three seats)

Jan Bergman (Conservative)

Michael Byatt (Conservative)

Mollie Collins (Labour)

Tony Ferrari (Conservative)

John Liles ( --- )

David Mannings (Liberal Democrat)

Gillian Pearson (Liberal Democrat)

Robin Vaughan (Liberal Democrat)

RADIPOLE: (Two seats)

Peter Barrow (Liberal Democrat)

Peter Dickenson (Conservative)

David Gray (Liberal Democrat)

Isabel Howell (Conservative)

Siobhan Lennon-Patience (Labour)


Kevin Brookes (Conservative)

Debra Kohana (Labour)

Howard Legg (Liberal Democrat)

Susana Malik (Conservative)

Tim Young (Liberal Democrat)

WESTHAM EAST: (Two seats)

Alex Fuhrmann (Labour)

David Greenhalf (Labour)

Ryan Hope (Liberal Democrat)

Nick Ireland (Liberal Democrat)

Tom Tannassee (Conservative)

WESTHAM NORTH: (Three seats)

Luke Evans (Conservative)

Sara Greenhalf (Labour)

David Harris (Liberal Democrat)

Andy Hutchings (Labour)

Christine James (Liberal Democrat)

Oz Kanji (Liberal Democrat)

WESTHAM WEST: (Two seats)

Val Ashenden (Labour)

Trefor Morgan (Liberal Democrat)

Caroline Nickinson (Conservative)

Grafton Straker (Labour)

Gill Taylor (Liberal Democrat)

WEY VALLEY: (Two seats)

John Ellis (Conservative)

David Northam (Liberal Democrat)

Cathy Page-Nash (Conservative)

Elaine Walker (Labour)

Graham Winter (Liberal Democrat)

WEYMOUTH EAST: (Two seats)

Michael Bevan (Conservative)

Mark Duxbury (Labour)

Janice Feltham (Conservative)

Graham Lambert (Green)

Luke Wakeling (Independent)

WEYMOUTH WEST: (Three seats)

Michael Frost (Labour)

Colin Huckle (Labour)

Richard Nickinson (Conservative)

Curtis Ottaway (Conservative)

Antony Prowse (Labour)


Alan Collins (Conservative)

Joanna Dickenson (Conservative)

Tim Griffiths (---)

Lucy Hamilton (Labour)

Reuben Lake (Labour)

Kate Wheller (Labour)

Portland Town Council


Rob Hughes (Independent)

Tim Munro (Independent)

Bernard Parkes (Labour)

Carralyn Parkes (Labour)

Lesley Saunders (Labour)

Sandy West (Labour)