Two communities groups have come together to brighten up the Weymouth town centre.

Art boards will be displayed in the town thanks to the efforts of the Let's Make it community group and Waterside Art group.

The former borough council donated £500 towards the cost of materials.

Weymouth BID Chief Operations Officer Claudia Moore said “We decided that it would be a wonderful opportunity to invite local groups to help us inject colour into the town centre, giving the community a sense of pride and ownership in the town. We are delighted that both the groups have given hundreds of hours of volunteer time in creating these two wonderful pieces of art work.”

Clerk of Weymouth Town Council Jane Biscombe said: “This is wonderfully creative example of what the community can achieve when we work together and my thanks go to all the artists involved. I look forward to seeing the artwork take pride of place in the town centre.”

The second piece of art work is just being finalised and both pieces of work should be on display by the beginning of June.