Drivers in Weymouth and Dorchester are facing more roadworks misery.

The gas project on the A354 at Chafeys roundabout near Southill is continuing, while in the county town there is set to be five weeks of traffic restrictions from next Tuesday.

In Weymouth, gas distribution company SGN is spending £600,000 to rectify a leak in a pipe next to Radipole Lake.

Due to the location and sensitivity of the surrounding site a straight-forward repair has been ruled out – the firm is instead building a new pipe to bypass the leak.

The leak was discovered in January and it meant the pedestrian crossing on Weymouth Way was taken out of action for safety reasons.

Concerns for pedestrians crossing the road led to the highways authority introducing temporary traffic arrangements including lowering the speed limit and reducing the road access to the roundabout to one lane, giving pedestrians a chance to cross between waiting vehicles.

But this has led to tailbacks on the Weymouth Way towards the Manor roundabout and also along Granby Way.

Temporary lights have also been used in the past week.

A SGN spokesman said earlier this week: "We are replacing our old, metal gas main with new plastic pipe to ensure a continued safe and reliable gas supply.

"The crossing in Weymouth Way, north of the roundabout, has been closed for everyone's safety. We've also implemented additional safety measures for pedestrians crossing at the roundabout by reducing the carriageway down to one-way for motorists entering and exiting the roundabout. This improves visibility for pedestrians and also shortens the crossing distance.

"With the site being of Special Scientific Interest, we’re committed to replacing the gas main while ensuring the local nature and landscape is protected.

"Following preparatory work for a directional drilling procedure, our teams started drilling last week using the latest technology. This will avoid the need for large trenching being dug on the surface which would have caused further disruption to motorists and local wildlife."

The spokesman said temporary two-way lights had been in place on Weymouth Way. These were removed on Thursday – but from Tuesday it will need to restrict lanes on Chafeys roundabout for two weeks."

It is hoped the project will be completed by June.

In Dorchester, Dorset Highways will be starting work next week to provide safer access into Borough Gardens from Princes Street.

From Tuesday, April 23 for five weeks, there will be some traffic restrictions while the entrance to Princes Street is narrowed at its junction with Albert Road and a new raised table is installed.

The new raised section of road will slow vehicles and make drivers more aware of pedestrians and cyclists using the busy crossing point.

During the first week of work – from April 23 to April 30 Albert Road will be closed to southbound traffic between Top o’ Town Roundabout and Princes Street from 9.30am to 3.30pm each weekday.

This will provide a safe working space for the new kerb line to be installed on Albert Road.

Drivers will still be able to travel northbound on Cornwall Road up to Top o’ Town Roundabout.

For the duration of the work, Princes Street will be closed to eastbound vehicles – with drivers needing to enter from Trinity Street. Drivers travelling west along the road will still be able to exit onto Albert Road/Top o’ Town.

Matthew Piles, Service Director for Environment, Infrastructure and Economy, said: “These works will provide a safer and more attractive crossing for pedestrians and cyclists using West Walks or the wider cycling network.

“The narrowing of the road should also make crossing it easier for anyone visiting Borough Gardens.”

Pedestrian and cyclist access will always be maintained.