There were six incidents at Durdle Door yesterday (April 20) that the coastguard had to respond to.

Kimmeridge coastguard said: "Busy day for the team as we were called to assist our flank team Lulworth Coastguard at Durdle Door to a person that had fallen on a loose pathway.

"Whilst on scene things escalated into multiple incidents (mainly slips) all at the same location.

"Four and half hours later and with the team being stood down and on there way home, the pagers sounded again and back to Durdle Door for yet another casualty.

"Whilst there we witnessed a further two people taking a tumble, thankfully unhurt.

"Ambulance crews, Lulworth responders and estate wardens also attended.

"A total of six casualties given assistance in one day. Hopefully a little quieter tomorrow. Stay safe everyone if venturing to the coast and enjoy this hot spell incident free."