On Saturday, we reported news that Weymouth Carnival is no more - the Rotary Club has stepped away from organising it due to a lack of finances. Here's what our readers had to say...

  • A great shame. Old Bill
  • So we can't do a carnival but can do a 3 day pride event? OpenWaterSwim
  • I don't suppose the Pride organisers asked for £40k a day. Rocksalt
  • £115,000 could be better spent elsewhere, spend some of the money cleaning the beach daily like they do abroad. Silverback888
  • The council does every morning, with a shiny tractor and hoovery type attachment. Perhaps you should aim your comment at visitors who walk past multiple bins as they leave the beach too lazy to pick up their trash. Simon Maxwell
  • People say the town is dying and this is another nail in the coffin. I guess it boils down to the perceived value for the town's people. For most, it's difficult to see where £40k (or whatever) would be spent. If there was more transparency in terms of cost/benefits (i.e. a published budget and list of proposed events on the day), people could make an informed choice about it's value for money. For example, amongst some smaller attractions, what's it worth (in money terms per person) to have the Red Arrows and 15 mins of good fireworks on you doorstep? If perhaps, the carnival is shown to have value for a family or individual, something like crowdfunding and sponsorships could be considered - along with some council and BID funding - and publish the accounts at the end. BarStool Economics
  • If people in Weymouth are really that upset at the lack of a carnival, the good news is that they can ask their new Town Council to fund it, if need be increasing the precept in order to do so. Rocksalt