A BRAND-new event has been organised to ‘fill the void’ left by Dorchester Carnival.

A Children’s Carnival is being organised by The Prince of Wales School and Boo’s Toy Shop in Poundbury.

It comes after the announcement that Dorchester Carnival won’t be happening this year due to a lack of volunteers.

Gary Spracklen, headteacher of Prince of Wales School and students from the primary school gathered outside Boo’s Toy Shop yesterday (Wednesday, April 18) to launch the Children’s Carnival.

Mr Spracklen said: “Following the disappointing news that there would be no Dorchester Carnival this year, the team at The Prince of Wales School, The Prince of Wales School Association and Boo’s Toy Shop in Poundbury have come together to plan Dorchester’s first ever Children’s Carnival.

“We sincerely hope that this is something that the whole town can get behind for the sake of our children who deserve a day of community fun and celebration.

“The theme for the Children’s Carnival will be a ‘Celebration of Uniforms’ making it the perfect opportunity for children to wear their Brownie, Cub or Cadet uniforms with pride.”

He added: “All local children’s groups, societies and organisations are welcome. I expect to see many sports teams taking part, wearing their sports kits to showcase the teams they belong to.”

The carnival procession will travel from Boo’s Toy Shop to The Prince of Wales School.

Parade Marshal and Girl Guide Leader Mrs Linda Scott said: “Children should be at the heart of any good community carnival and it’s great to see the team at The Prince of Wales School, The Prince of Wales School Association (POWSA) and Boo’s Toy Shop come together to fill a void left by the absence of Dorchester Carnival this year. There will be plenty of places for parents, carers and members of the public to view the procession in particular along Holmead Walk, Poundbury which provides raised grass bank areas for excellent viewpoints of the procession.”

The Children's Carnival will take place on Saturday, July 6.

Participants of the parade are asked to gather outside Boo’s Toy Shop at 10.40am.

The parade will depart at 11am and follow the route towards The Prince of Wales School on Maiden Castle Road.

The parade will finish at the school at around 11.40am where it will be holding its summer fayre.