MOTORISTS are reminded that five weeks of work start today to improve a busy crossing point in Dorchester.

Dorset Highways will be starting work to provide safer access into the Borough Gardens from Princes Street.

The entrance to Princes Street will be narrowed at its junction with Albert Road and a new raised section built to slow vehicles and make drivers more aware of pedestrians and cyclists.

Traffic restrictions include Princes Street being closed to eastbound vehicles for the whole of the work.

During this first week, Albert Road will be closed to southbound traffic between Top o’ Town Roundabout and Princes Street from 9.30am to 3.30pm each weekday.

Drivers will still be able to travel northbound on Cornwall Road up to Top o’ Town Roundabout.

Matthew Piles, Service Director for Environment, Infrastructure and Economy, said: “These works will provide a safer and more attractive crossing for pedestrians and cyclists using West Walks or the wider cycling network.

“The narrowing of the road should also make crossing it easier for anyone visiting Borough Gardens.”

Pedestrian and cyclist access will always be maintained.