Dear Editor

The British public and Parliament are anxious and dismayed over the political and constitutional deadlock of Brexit. Lord James of Blackheath CBE proposes a way forward. He recommends a direct UK appeal to the United Nations seeking their support to bring the European Commission into strict conformity with the requirements of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties of 1969 clause 46.1. Serving this notice would demonstrate a firm and legally justified Government initiative.

Remaining in the EU may well see Britain embroiled in the EU's Qualified Majority Voting (QMV) system from 2020. This is contrary to both the British Constitution and the popular vote for Brexit which the Government promised. QMV will involve the creation of an EU Standing Army and loss of control of our defence forces, the loss of control of taxation and currency, loss of power for the UK to make its own international treaties and significant damage to the UK's Intelligence Services.

Complete destruction of our sovereignty and Constitution would likely rapidly follow any arrangement that does not recover UK sovereignty, originally breached by the EU's Lisbon Treaty.

We must:-

1/ Appeal to the UN under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaty Making 1969 seeking adjudication that the EU is attempting to force us to agree a treaty based upon fundamentally unconstitutional arrangements unacceptable to the British Crown. Such application could be lodged in 48 hours. Clause 46.1 states that no trading agreement may be entered into which compromises the constitutional integrity of the responding nation.

2/ If the UN does not uphold our appeal then 'No-Deal' may be the only way to preserve British independence.

3/ Dire constitutional consequences of 'remaining' will likely force an abdication by the Monarch. She would either have to accept a state of perjury or maintain the Crown's honour by abdication. Her oaths of office will have become so corrupted that no successor could swear them.

Failure to quit the EU will lead us all deeper into treasonous liability by placing our governance under a foreign Potentate, unelected, unaccountable to, and irremovable by the UK electorate.

Robert Theobald

Portland Road