I thoroughly agree with Terry Putnam's letter regarding 'Hazards on roads', April 18th.

What those responsible need to do immediately is to label the left-hand turn towards Dorchester for traffic heading east from Monkeys Jump "Dorchester ONLY"!

Not only does this island currently present the dangers he highlighted to traffic emerging from Dorchester. It also encourages the stupid behaviour of drivers who use what should be a left turn only into an opportunity to 'beat' drivers to the exit west who are appropriately driving in the middle lane. These have to watch out then for being overtaken on their nearside by traffic which was behind them when they left Monkeys Jump!

DCC should get down there today before there's a serious accident.

This gives me an opportunity to repeat what I have already said about the appallingly dangerous state of Dorchester's residential roads which are made so because of their being used every day as car parks. To get changes made by way of residents parking permits entails so much bureaucracy, even the Town Council can't overcome it. Dorchester needs parking restrictions and a Park and Ride urgently. The previous one was abandoned because drivers had no incentive to use it when they could and still do, get away with leaving their cars anywhere!

London isn't the only place you can get poisoned by exhaust fumes just by putting out your waste bins. That's if you've been left room to do so by the expensive cars parked all day on your road!

Mike Joslin