Earlier this month, we reported on the upcoming town and parish elections with a list of all the candidates. Here's what readers had to say...

  • Thought Town and Parish council were meant to be not political. Just saying. 50 shades of red and white
  • It’s up to them if they run on political lines most towns do most parishes don't. Dorset Guy1
  • Too many Councillors given that there is so little for them to do. Half & Half
  • Sadly my ward has five candidates standing for three seats and all are either Labour or conservative. This is NOT democracy when only the main political parties have the money, party workers and resources to nod their people through. I am faced with a limited choice. Support this enormous lazy council's existence or show my frustration by spoiling my ballot paper. Quince two
  • It's perfectly possible for independents and minor parties to compete at Town Council level, as demonstrated in many places across the country. Rocksalt
  • When I suggested that a Weymouth and Portland party be formed, independent of the national parties and dedicated to the area. I was shot down in flames. You only have yourselves to blame for the situation we are in. Perhaps if I had had some backing, then maybe we wouldn't be in this situation. Tackleberry
  • I live in Weymouth West three seats with five candidates. I know the background of only two the others no information available and never heard of them. I suggest they all get out and meet the people if not I refuse to vote blind. Shy-talk
  • The whole problem is that some only vote for a party no matter how good or bad the candidates are. That goes for all elections That's why the main parties concentrate on marginal and areas known to have a lot of floating voters. Not sure what support the political parties give to Towns though - most effort in Dorset will be towards the new Dorset Council and candidates have a tight deadline to declare their spending. Dorset Guy1
  • Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrats, Greens .... it does not look as though anyone credible is standing. They may as well cancel these elections and stand down this council. It is either not vote, of void the paper by writing 'nobody suitable'. I guess that the later is the best choice. Truth to Power