QUESTIONS are being asked about the number of solar panels planned for a new Weymouth seafront toilet block and beach office.

The only public comments made on the planning application have come from candidates standing for the Green Party in the May 2nd elections for the new Dorset Council and Weymouth Town Council.

Brian Heatley, the Green candidate for the Dorset Council Rodwell and Wyke seat says it is good to see the panels being proposed but adds: “But why so few, and in particular why none on the large south facing roof?”

Fellow Green Clare Sutton, standing in the same ward, has also picked up the point – asking why only 12 solar panels: “Given that councils need to be taking a lead on combating climate change, I assume this is an oversight and will be rectified before consent is given? “ she says.

Sara Harpley, who has been elected without contest for the town council seat of Portland Tophill East says the Dorset Council should be taking every opportunity to lead on climate change policies.

Dr Graham Lambert, Green candidate for the town council seat of Weymouth East as well as the Chickerell seat for the Dorset Council says that the application should be refused until the maximum number of solar panels are added to the design.

The £400,000 scheme involves refurbishing and extending the existing Esplanade beach office.

Plans of the new building show a new upper floor beach office, unisex toilets, disabled-friendly toilets, a family room and beach showers as well as a single storey extension to include a beach kiosk.

The budget for the building had been put between £370,000 and £424,000.

A British Toilet Association report on Weymouth last year identified that there were not enough loos for people using the beach in the holiday season.

The new building, if approved, will also see a lift installed so the beach control office, on the first floor, will be accessible to those with restricted mobility.