GET the tip out of town.

That’s the message to Dorset Council from the three political parties fighting in the May 2 election for the Dorchester East ward.

Candidates say residents should not have to put up with streams of cars and heavy lorries past their front doors because the town’s household recycling centre was put in the wrong place – at the end of a pot holed and often flooded road which in places is not wide enough for two cars to pass.

When the gates to the centre are shut to load and unload containers queues of traffic build up, frequently blocking the entrances to business in the area.

Each of the main political parties in the ward agree it should be moved to an out of town site – although differ in their views about where might be the best new location.

For years residents in St George’s Road and adjoining roads have put up with tip traffic. Since last year the official route was changed to Lubbecke Way with resulting complaints and petitions from residents there. Parked vehicles reduce both roads to a single carriageway in places.

It took the former Dorset County Council more than six months to introduce parking restrictions with residents are still calling for a 20mph limit and a heavy lorry ban.

The Local Democracy Reporting Service asked the three parties fighting for Dorset Council seats in the ward for their comments on the current situation and possible solution.

Conservative candidates Anthony Austin and Andrew Christopher in a joint statement said they support residents pleas for a lower speed limit: “We agree with the residents and believe that an enforced reduction in speed would help with road safety. There have been several incidents of near misses and unpleasant verbal exchanges between drivers.”

The candidates say they would support a weight limit if it is legally and practically possible.

They also say the household recycling centre should be moved from Louds Mill: “The household recycling centre should be moved. The creation of the new Dorset Council is an opportunity to get a suitable alternative site put into the next local plan.”

Labour candidates Barry Thompson and Claudia Sorin say they too would support a 20mph limit and weight restrictions: “This is a residential area where children often play outside and it’s a nature sensitive area adjacent to the river which provides a habitat for swans, ducks and other wildlife.

“We believe the household recycling centre should be moved to a more suitable site which could be on land at the edge of the new Poundbury development where there is already industrial land use with the bio-digester at Rainbarrow Farm or on land that was identified in the Dorset Waste Partnership consultation off the A35 near the Slyers Lane turn off.”

Liberal Democrat candidates Stella Jones and Molly Rennie say they supported the 200-signature petition from residents which called for parking, speed and weight restrictions.

“We have already requested that the issue is looked at again at the October meeting of the Town council’s planning committee, by which time the effects of the new parking restrictions will be known.

“The request for a weight limit on Long Bridge Way is essential as the road is too narrow for large vehicles. It is a residential road and was never designed as a route to the industrial area and the household recycling centre, all large vehicles should use Lubbecke Way.”

The two candidates also support moving the centre out of its current location: “It is completely wrong that the centre should be accessed through residential roads and we have campaigned for years to get it relocated It should be on the edge of town where it is easy and safe for traffic , it could be on Bridport Road or Stinsford Hill. Bridport has a recycling centre out if town, so should Dorchester.”