Dorset Police's No Excuse Team was kept busy over the bank holiday weekend.

The team has revealed a number of incidents that it dealt with on the B3157 Coast Road between Weymouth and Bridport on Easter Sunday, including 31 speeding drivers and one case of drug driving.

A spokesperson said: "We used a mixture of unmarked cars and bikes along with a road safety camera van. We spoke to a number of local residents who were pleased to see us as this is a road that causes problems during the sunny weather.

"We made one arrest for drug driving. They came to our attention after they overtook five vehicles, including us in excess of the speed limit. The smell of cannabis gave it away as well. They were arrested and a blood sample has been taken to be tested.

"Three drivers were stopped for driving without due care and attention. Two vehicles were seized for having no insurance. One of these also had no licence either. Both vehicles were seized and a ticket was issued for a £300 fine and six points.

"One vehicle was stopped due to being in a dangerous condition. They had ‘smoked’ their brake lights so much you couldn’t see them. They had done the same to the indicators as well. This was a fixed penalty ticket which is a £100 fine and three points.

"31 drivers were stopped for excess speed. This included 13 bikes and 18 cars. The highest bike was 91mph in a 50mph zone and the fastest car was 75mph in a 50mph zone. The biker will be off to court and faces a ban.

"One motorbike was stopped doing an average of 85mph in a 60mph limit. They said it was because he was angry with the actions of a car driver earlier. He was annoyed at himself for letting his anger get the better of him, especially when this was something that was mentioned on his driver awareness course four days previously."

Dorset Police’s No Excuse Team are out in the county tackling bad and inconsiderate driving.

The team aims to use a combination of enforcement and education to tackle the ‘fatal five’: drink and drug driving, excessive and inappropriate speed, not wearing a seatbelt, driver distractions such as hand-held mobile phone and careless driving.

They operate 24-hours a day seven days a week and could be anywhere at any time.

If you want the team to attend a road near you due to bad driving, please report it to us via