As usual when reading letters from Brexiteers, I read with special care and attention to detail. As well that I did.I quote” Interesting to note that Sir Oliver’s West Dorset constituency, and in fact,the whole of Dorset, voted to leave in the 2016 referendum”. Where, may I ask, did Mr.Kirby get his information from? I am confident that I was not alone in voting to remain. I can only remind the rest of Dorset, that there are “lies, damned lies and statistics”. In other words, there are some very dodgy sources of information regarding the whole Brexit can of worms.

The one certain fact upon which I rely, is that there are no certain facts anywhere in the picture. We are totally ignorant of what exactly we are supposed to embrace, and no-one has so far published actual results of the three year’s ‘expensive EU commuting by our Prime make us any the less bewildered.Can someone give us, the weary, the bored and the righteously indignant details , not general references to odd bits of this and that, but a complete run down of No Deal, Just Brexit, Back stop any Brexit plans, in black and white?

Explain to Joe Public exactly what we are voting for any day now.My lonely voice,the only one in Dorset, according to Mr. Kirby’s statement, should be heard. Please! For the sake of the future, let us all know what it is IN FACT., not fancy. Meanwhile, I remain, hook, line and sinker a loyal member of the EU.

Helena M Smith

Dagmar Road, Dorchester