Just a message to the thoroughly boorish, immature young man who cycled at speed across the Greenhill (nr. bowling green) pedestrian crossing shortly after noon today (Monday) ignoring the red traffic light. Yes, I waved my walking stick and called out that you should have respected the red light but was it necessary for you to cycle back via Melcombe Avenue to 'treat' me to a tirade of foul-mouthed abuse ? Did you then have a pang of conscience (I hope so)when you again cycled past me in Cranford Avenue, waving your arm but staying silent ? I'm not in the least fazed by your ignorant behaviour and intemperate language; more disappointed with your immaturity.

On a lesser issue in the anti-social context, may I remind certain cyclists of the day time restrictions in force between Good Friday (April 19th) and October 31st (inclusive) on the esplanade. The majority of cyclists I see when I'm on or by the esplanade appear to abide by this restriction but as to some grown ups who do not, please show more adult citizen ship.

Jonathan Pullen