The hunt is on for the people responsible for fly-tipping this waste on the side of a road near Dorchester.

Pictures captured by the Dorset Waste Partnership show some rubbish that was dumped along Roman Road, in Muckleford near Dorchester.

Dorset Police's Rural Crime Team has also expressed an interest in apprehending the person or persons responsible for this, urging anybody with information regarding this fly-tipping incident to report it to the Dorset Waste Partnership.

A spokesperson for Dorset Waste Partnership said: "We received a report of the fly-tip on Roman Road in Muckleford. DWP Enforcement officers attended the scene the following day to investigate and take pictures.

"Can you help us find who fly-tipped this waste? The fly-tip consisted of a large plastic square container that had been cut into pieces, along with some construction waste.

"Have you had such an item removed from your premises recently? Have you heard of, or did you see anything suspicious? Together we can crack down on this illegal activity."

If you think you might have any information on this incident, or any other reports of fly-tipping, please report it directly to Dorset Waste Partnership at