A builder and his two sons were lucky to walk away from a shocking impact, after a van veered across the road and smashed into their vehicle.

The collision, which was captured on dashcam, shows the white van completely crossing onto the other side of the road into Nick Miles' oncoming work van, which he was driving alongside his adult sons, Luke, aged 25, and 22-year-old Ryan.

Police at the scene told Nick he'd been incredibly lucky to walk away from the smash.

Nick, a qualified electrician who lives in Spetisbury, told the Echo: "We were very close to being rolled over, he hit us that hard.

"There was a police officer that came to stay there while we were waiting for the road cleaners to come afterwards

"He came over to me and said, 'are you the driver?'

"He said 'my friend, you are a very lucky man, if I was you I would do the lottery this weekend'. He carried on to say he'd seen people die in a lot less worse crashes than this one.

"We were lucky to walk away, that is generally acknowledged by everyone who has seen the pictures and seen the video."

Dorset Police have confirmed they are currently investigating the collision, which took place at 4pm on the A350, near Blandford, on May 1.

Nick, said: "We came off the Sunrise Industrial Estate at Blandford and headed to the roundabout that joins the Blandford bypass.

"As I straightened up after the roundabout I could see the van on the white line. I looked at my boys and said 'look at this joker, crossing the white line'.

"Then, a couple of seconds later, I said 'Jesus Christ he is still coming'."

So Nick pulled across to the left, onto the grass verge, and slowed down to about 15mph.

"It happened all in eight seconds" he said. "I was bouncing along the grass verge, thinking 'bloody hell, he's still coming at us', then I told the boys to brace themselves."

"He hit us somewhere between 40-50mph I guess."

Nick and his sons were all injured in the accident and were treated at the scene and later in hospital.

It is unclear if the driver of the other vehicle sustained any injuries, but he was interviewed and breathalysed at the scene by police, and was not taken to hospital.

Nick initially refused to go to hospital as his tools, worth around £15,000, would have been left in the wreckage of his van.

He said: "I was hit by flying glass and the airbag, I had glass in my face, shoulder and arm on my right side, and lacerations on my left arm.

"I also suffered pelvic injuries."

He went to hospital later that evening, and was in accident and emergency for more than six hours.

His injuries were treated and he was prescribed antibiotics.

Both his sons also sustained back injuries and lacerations.

On the other driver, Nick said: "I know absolutely nothing about him, he didn't speak at the scene, he didn't come over to check how we were – he didn't utter a word to me.

"He was interviewed and breathalysed by police and he hadn't been drinking.

"That bypass is normally quite busy, but at the time it happened there was nobody behind him and nobody behind me, lucky really as it could have been worse if other vehicles were involved."

Dorset Police confirmed no arrests had been made at this stage of the investigation.