Hi readers, it’s Emily and William here this week, on a Bank Holiday Monday late afternoon, sitting on the balcony in the sunshine at Carluccios. It’s not too busy, which is nice.

We are just reflecting on our weekends and things which have happened. I, William, heard there was a rave over the weekend in Purbeck. It was not organised and over 1,000 people turned up for a day and night of dancing and very loud music. We just looked it up online and it seems many local people had no sleep because of the noise, so the police came because of so many complaints. They asked the ravers to go home and took their music equipment.

Also over the last week, we saw almost 1000 people arrested in London for protesting about climate change. They felt so strongly about this that they were prepared to disrupt the whole of London to get some attention for their cause.

It’s good that they have complained about climate change, because we think it’s an important issue. We aren’t so sure about all the disruption and how it must have impacted on people in London. Did the protestors have any choice though, as no one was listening? Now they are, as it’s on the news a lot. It will be interesting to see what happens next, and if it’s made any positive difference.

As for the ravers in Purbeck, we have less sympathy for them. The only reason for the loud music was for them to enjoy themselves. If they wanted to do that, it’s best to do it in the right way, and get permission or go to an organised event.

So, it seems we agree with peaceful protesting if it’s for a good reason, but not the raves!

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