A robot was one of the weird and wonderful items brought back to life at the first Repair Café Weymouth.

Residents queued up outside the Palm House Café to have their household items mended.

Among the more unusual were a grandmother clock, a hot tub pump; wooden toys; leather goods; an Apple MacBook; a board game; jewellery and a DVD recorder.

Organisers say over 80 items came through the door - and almost every single thing was repaired on the spot.

But it wasn't all about a quick fix - a cheery team of 33 repairers passed on their skills as they worked.

As well as saving money and the environment, it also aims to be a social occasion - and this seemed to have been achieved, with lots of smiles, event after a long morning of repairs.

"We saved one lady an arm and a leg on her hot tub pump. A new one would have cost £500 - instead she nipped to B&Q and picked up a spare part for £7, which we fitted", said one volunteer.

Speaking at the end of the event, organiser Ros Dean said she was "on a high" after seeing it all come together.

"I couldn't believe how many people turned up - the queue was so long there was a moment when I thought people might start walking away, but I think nearly every item that came through the door was repaired.

"There's been so much support and enthusiasm in the community, which has carried it all forward through to today.

"Now I'm going to wind down a bit - I'm feeling relaxed", she added.

Another committee member buzzing with enthusiasm was Weymouth resident Judy Luffman.

She said: "There's so much potential - people were asking whether we can hold the events every fortnight, instead of monthly. We're hoping to get more volunteers on board."

Volunteering at the event was Cllr Luke Wakeling, who was recently elected to Weymouth Town Council.

Cllr Wakeling - who also works in IT - said he was initially asked to help meet and greet the crowds - but was soon needed on the tools to fix a wall clock.

"I think I'll be doing electrical repairs at the next event", he said.

"It's just nice to be able to share skills".

The Repair Café raised £186 worth of donations on the day, which will help cover running costs.

The next event is June 8 at the Palm House Café from 10.30am - 12.30pm.

To volunteer at a future event or find out more visit @RepairCafeWeymouth on Facebook, @RepairCafeWey on Twitter or email repaircafeweymouth@gmail.com