The world's population of living species is now facing its greatest challenge; the threat of extinction through global warming. This will require incredible resolve on the part of all nations to cooperate together to find ways of drastically altering our greedy ways. Already, we should be forming a world 'parliament' to find appropriate solutions.

What chance have we of being cooperative when our political parties describe their political opponents only as 'the enemy' (e.g. Gavin Williamson - previous defence secretary, BBC 12th May)?

What chance have we when both the government and its politically exclusive cabinet are continually immersed in internal fighting?

What chance have we when party political affiliations engender via the media the same disrespect for one another's views?

What chance have we when our religions have been embroiled in their own ideological battles for thousands of years amazingly avoiding any real commonality?

What chance have we when a tiny minority of the world's citizens not only control the assets and wealth of half of the planet but insidiously exert their power via political channels?

When we should be building bridges, we continue to destroy them. It won't be long before Brexit becomes an unimportant irrelevance to our very existence. Unless we cooperate with one another very quickly, any viable suggestions we raise to seriously limit our energy consumption will fail immediately through political policies of populism. Their personal ambitions depend on pleasing the majority of us when the decisions we need to survive will be hard ones and will entail unpopular changes to our way of life. We have to also beware of the 'quick fixes' which will claim to solve everything but are merely profitable ways to use the situation to someone's personal advantage.

The most meaningful pleasures Earth provides us with are not the 'passing fancies' that money can buy. The birds, trees, animals and its real wonders are currently freely supplied by Nature. We have offended its guidelines in a serious way so don't be surprised at its increasingly defensive reactions. The message is clear. 'Change your ways, or else!

Mike Joslin