Regarding the story electric car ‘myths’, on the Dorset Echo website-the fact left out is the price - £31,000 for the same specification electric car that can be bought with the same comfort and ride specification in petrol for £18,000.

Depreciation. The same specification petrol car will depreciate by 25% over three years with a loss of £4,500 to £13,500, while the same specification electric car will depreciate by 60% over three years will a loss of £18,600 to £12,400. In hard cash, the expensive £31,000 electric car after three years has fallen to below the value of the cheap petrol car and that’s if you can find a buyer willing to risk the state of the £6,000 battery pack and the state of the other expensive parts necessary to control the battery and if not the price offered will be even lower.

If any government is stupid enough to think they can abolish democracy and impoverish a democratic population of motorists into buying electric cars at these prices then they are facing utter defeat at the polls.


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