A PEACEFUL protest is being held in Weymouth tomorrow in response to a visit from controversial UKIP EU election candidate Carl Benjamin.

Mr Benjamin – who has been ‘milkshaked’ several times during his tour of the south west as well as having fish and manure thrown at him – will be met by campaigners from Stand Up to Racism Dorset.

Lynne Hubbard, speaking on behalf of Stand Up to Racism Dorset, suggested Mr Benjamin was not welcome.

“He is using the EU elections as a platform to spread hatred”, she said.

“UKIP has nothing to say about the real problems in South Dorset – low wages, insecure jobs, cuts to our health services. Instead they spread conflict and division, making life more difficult for everyone.”

Mr Benjamin - who describes his views as “perfectly liberal” – has been touring with right wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos. He told the Echo he plans to speak on topics including Brexit, the EU, LGBT ideology, Islam and political correctness at a town hall-style event. He plans to speak in the street in Weymouth town centre.

“Politics is dominated by left-wing outrage which prevents us from resolving these issues”, he said.

Mr Benjamin blames the milkshake throwing on the media, whom he claims have radicalised left-wing activists.

He said: “This is done purposefully to paint me as a terrible person when in fact I am a well-liked family man with a large online following.”

However he has been unable to shake off backlash from rape comments he made on Twitter, aimed at MP Jess Phillips.

Campaigners against Mr Benjamin say the protest will be ‘peaceful but assertive’. It willbe at midday at the Jubilee Clock.

Stand Up to Racism Dorset formed earlier this year when a Britain First candidate, Ken Kearsey announced he would be standing in local elections.

The group leafleted houses in the Littlemoor ward. Mr Kearsey later withdrew as a candidate.

"Carl Benjamin should learn the lesson: there’s no place for hatred and bigotry in our communities", Lynne Hubbard added.