One Weymouth town councillor is so keen that he has asked for more meetings.

Independent Luke Wakeling says he is concerned that there are no full Weymouth Town Council meetings scheduled for July or August – which means only holding four full councils between now and Christmas.

He proposed putting in two additional meetings into the calendar to make sure the new council can achieve the business it needs to.

But Lib Dem leader David Harris said previous experience had shown that July and August meetings were difficult in the resort either because of officers being away, or councillors, or both.

He suggested that ad hoc meetings, less formal than the normal town council format, might be better after a working party had taken a look at what business the council might want to achieve in the coming year.

One of the meetings might, he suggested, be on a specific topic, possibly the idea of drawing up a masterplan for Weymouth's future development.

David Northam (Lib Dem) suggested that if the looser format of a town assembly, planned for Wednesday May 22, worked well one of the extra meetings could be a second assembly-type meeting which allowed local people to speak: “There is nothing to stop us having more than one town assembly a year,” he said.

Mayor Graham Winter said that if it became apparent that more meetings were needed to council had the ability to call extraordinary meetings at any time, which could be a solution if it looked as if there was not enough time to achieve things within the existing schedule of meetings.