What is the point in voting for the Brexit Party?

Nigel Farage built up UKIP and when it was shown to be in free fall, he deserted. Now he has another political party, to again, only undermine the United Kingdom. He is a one man, one issue band wagon.

He as with, it would seem, most Conservatives have no idea how the UK would operate outside our present membership of the European Union.

As for the Labour Party, you listen or watch any of their MP’s and they all seem to have different opinions.

We don’t want another Conservative Prime Minster, nor Jeremy Corbyn, who is not a young man.

The Liberal Democrats will

be choosing a new leader shortly, although Vince Cable comes across as being more positive than any other party leader at the moment.

I only say this, should there be a rushed general election.

On Thursday, May 23rd, might I ask that

you the voter really consider the consequences of us not being properly represented within the European Union.

We have been the third largest member through population. We were the second best economy within the EU. How can anyone say that was not working for us?

Our membership, after rebates and so on, costs us a few pence each day, per person.

For that we have security of not having any wars with our partners. A working relationship in regards to trade. Co-operation over climate change. Fighting the problem of people trafficking. To have some common law, so that we don’t see injustices here.

We Brits can go into the EU without any hold-ups. Take jobs there, buy a home, holiday, ‘you name it’. The whole of the EU was open to us. Why on earth would you want to throw all that away?

Becoming an isolated little

Britain is not the way forward. We need to expand and that would have been through us being within the EU.

On Thursday it is about voting for the party, not so much for any candidate.

Richard Grant,

Bisterne Close,