I ALWAYS read both Oliver Letwin and Richard Drax’s columns and now write to compliment Oliver Letwin on his latest thoughts about mental health.

Mr Letwin writes movingly and thoughtfully on both mental health and cancer.

As someone who has suffered from both, I can confirm the fear that they cause and the need for a full and frank discussion of this fear.

Only in this way, will we tackle both effectively and ensure that the NHS allocates more resources to deal with mental health.

Mr Letwin writes with insight and careful balance and I usually find much that I can agree with.

I wish I could say the same about Richard Drax, but I cannot.

Mr Drax’s frequent intemperate outbursts on various topics usually lead me to question both his judgement and his ability to understand the issue.

His latest failure of judgement was when he told us to respect President Trump, when commenting on the forthcoming Presidential visit.

Mr Drax fails to realize that respect must be earned and can be easily lost. Mr Trump has lost my respect by his actions and his words

Perhaps Mr Drax would like to say why President Trump retains his respect?

John Tomblin,

Littlemoor Road,