South Dorset MP Richard Drax clashed with Theresa May during prime Minister's Question Time.

He said he wanted to "correct" the Prime Minister on a point she made earlier in the Commons.

He said: "She said it was up to the House to decide about the customs union and a second referendum. It is not correct. It is not up to MPs to decide that. The country decided to leave the EU. It is as simple as that, it is not for the House."

Theresa May responded: "The British people voted to leave. I have been trying to leave the European Union.

"I am looking forward to voting a fourth time to leave the European Union in the Withdrawal Agreement Bill. Sadly, Opposition members and some of my colleagues have not voted alongside me in that way.

"But how we do that is a matter for this House because the deal has to ratified by this House and Government, and this House has to determine what the objectives for the next stage of negotiations are going to be. I have been clear that those negotiations will be taken forward by somebody else leading this Government.

"What I am also clear about is that you can't get on to those second stage negotiations until you get over the first stage. That is what the Bill is about."