This is addressed to all the people who wrote such derogatory comments on your recent article about the numbers of people living in poverty in Weymouth and Portland.

I have always worked my entire adult life but having recently had two children I decided to remain at home for them while they were both young. I was fortunate enough that my husband could support our decision.

However, last summer he was made redundant and we were plunged into a bleak and penniless situation. We relied on food banks and charity shops for a time to help us survive.

During our time working, we had accumulated a 'nice' TV set, we had a new phone both on contracts, we could afford that.

These awful comments who have blamed the individual for their poverty stricken position, should be absolutely ashamed of themselves! To judge someone and their families without knowing their history!

We were one pay day away from homelessness and poverty. These people you criticise need help and support, not to be made to feel even worse than they already do.

I would recommend that these vile people might perhaps like to read Philip Alsons recent report into poverty nationwide in the UK and then see if they have the same opinion.

Shame on you.