BOUQUETS for Dorset County Hospital.

Having just had a knee replacement to match the first, last year, I would like to thank everyone for their care and friendly professionalism.

I include not only the ward, surgical and other specialist medical, but also the supporting staff: caterers, cleaners, administrators, porters, etc.

My only frustration was on discharge day, from delays somewhere between ward and pharmacy.

I gather this is quite common, so perhaps issuing prescriptions a day or so ahead to secure ward bond, would allow timely release to the patient.

Another concern but non-medical, is for the building.

The cloistered, sylvan courtyards are very attractive but appear to lack ready maintenance access; an error preventing for example, clearing roof gutters now resembling roof-gardens.

This could mean difficult, costly repairs to come.

Finally, to the medical students, best wishes for career success.

Nigel Graham

Gallwey Road

Wyke Regis