I think Weymouth would be given first prize should such an award exist for 'The Least Thought Given To Planting Design For A Highway Triangle' . I am referring to the triangle at Commercial Road - King Street . It consists of six very costly trees - three conifers and three palms; all funded presumably from our council tax contributions . One would be forgiven for thinking that on paper this triangle would be planted with some sort of planning and design - agreed we didn't have Monty Don to give advise . The trees have been planted in close proximity of each other making the rest of the triangle very bare and one of the conifer trees was planted in such a precarious position that it had suffered wind damage and looks like The Leaning Tower of Pisa . To be honest it's a very strange combination conifers next to palms - would it not have been better to plant each variety together at different parts of the triangle ?As it is the trees are almost touching each other and have been left to their own devices and the overall effect looks awful - such a shame as these trees could have looked beautiful if planted with care and thought . Could it be that Weymouth wanted to set the trend well in advance of this year's Chelsea Flower Show whose medals were awarded to garden designs based on natural and un-manicured planting ?

Julia Squibb

Moorside Close Weymouth